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Spending an hour or a week or an entire year with me is like jamming with your best friend over a cup of tea. Together we’ll daydream, scribble notes, map out plans to get crystal clear on the vision for your life, and then take some serious action. We’ll focus with heart and hustle to work on the projects that matter the most in your business.

Once we’ve got clarity, excitement and momentum. It’s time to make sure that you’re in full alignment with your values, your ideal lifestyle, and helping the people you’re truly excited to serve.

The best part for you: you get to tap into my zone of genius which is jamming on big ideas, brainstorming on business growth strategies and building intentional communities. The best part for me: I get to work with women I am most excited to serve –– visionaries who want to stand out from the crowd, shine as leaders, grow their followings, publish inspiring books, speak on stages, and make a big impact in the world. I see your big vision, hold your dreams safe, and empower you to be the best in your industry.

P.S. Ready to grow your tribe and build a community with love? Click HERE to learn about my Build Your Challenge course! I love to collaborate with dreamers who take action, and I’d be over-the-moon the excited to work with you.



The Mentorship Lab™ | 1:1 + Mastermind Retreats

Join me and a small group of dedicated, world-changing women who are ready to lead in a bigger way. For 9 nourishing months, we’ll dive deep into your bold dreams and business ideas. I’ll step into the role as a mentor, intuitive guide, trusted advisor, your biggest cheerleader and friend. Someone who understands your heart, but can also strategize on big picture plans, and support you during freakout moments and big decisions. We’ll start our work together with a 2-hour intensive to map out 2017 and get clarity on your next steps. Experience epic growth as a business leader with 1:1 sessions with me, monthly mastermind circles with your dream tribe, and two restorative business planning retreats where we’ll map out your dreams and projects with a whole lotta heart and focus. If you’re ready to make an impact in your community, take your business to the next level, and trust your own inner mentor, click to learn more.

STARTS FEBRUARY 2017 (Accepting applications now)

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Tap Into Your Inner Genius | 1:1 Sessions

Rethink the future of your business with consistent 1:1 support. During our four month work together, you’ll get to borrow my brain while we brainstorm your next big project and commit to an aligned action plan with a realistic timeline to make what we talk about a reality. We’ll focus on community growth strategies, so you stand out in your industry. No cookie cutter road maps or magical blue prints to follow. We follow heart. We follow soul. We trust our inner wisdom because it’s the best compass for your business. I love working with movement starters, expeditious leaders, and those who like to think outside the box. We can also dive into team building, vision building and tribe building –– because the people you serve, the dreams you make, and the people who support you to get there matter. I’ll learn about what drives you in your business, so I can help you discern the most important projects. I’m all about results that matter without the burnout. You’ll have me on tap in-between calls to hold the vision for your dreams and answer any burning questions too!

WAITING LIST Until June 2017 (By application only)

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Business + Soul // Mastermind Retreat

A restorative getaway for you and your business. A retreat for passionate entrepreneurs, who are craving connection with a like-minded community of women. Surround yourself with women walking the same path as you to help guide you and give you feedback on the next steps you need to take in your business and life. With daily Q&A lightning rounds and mastermind hot seats, you’ll benefit from the collective wisdom from the group, and guidance from mentors who have built successful businesses. I believe in fueling the whole women behind the business with love. You will walk away from the retreat feeling supported in building a sustainable business that does not compromise your health or your relationships. In this immersion mastermind experience, you’ll get out of your head and back into your body and heart to get more clarity and inspiration about your dreams and business.

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