You deserve to

love your life


This is so hard to share…

2019 rocked me to my core.

You have two choices: keep playing on the field or take a breath to rest on the sidelines. Either way, you’re still in the game.

I made an intentional decision to press pause in business, so I could press play on allowing myself to grieve and reorient my relationship with life, purpose, meaning and what really matters.

Here’s why…

A few days before Thanksgiving, I found out that my 16 year old brother passed away in a car accident. I hopped on a flight to Kauai the very next day to be there with my family.

Even though there are deep emotions that come with loss, my brother Max was so loved on the island of Kauai, and I’m thankful I got to witness that outpouring of love.

Max’s heart is bigger than his sweet smile. He lived life to the fullest with courage, love, and kindness.

To celebrate Max, we did a “paddle out” which is a time-honored tradition by those who lived an ocean-centered lifestyle. Something that Max personally participated in as a surfer on the island, and knew this was how he wanted his life to be celebrated. The Kauai community, family, and friends came together to heal as one.

Read the full post and watch the awe-inspiring paddle out video here.

Being an entrepreneur for the past 11 years, I’ve learned that there’s a time to push, a time to pause and a time to pivot. I did a solo podcast episode about it –– you can listen here.

I’ve been in pause mode for the last few months, and now, I’m starting to pivot. I’m hearing something inside asking for change, a new direction.

February 14, 2020 is the two year anniversary of my Lead with Love podcast!

I’m so thankful for the incredible guests that have shared their wisdom with me and my community week after week. I’m pausing on new episodes right now as I reimagine the show and how I can best serve my community and embrace my fullest expression. Until then, enjoy the many life and business changing conversations here:

I’ve had some quiet whispers tugging at my heart on what this new direction will be. So to help me get super clear and focused, I’m doing B-School again! Just like I did so many years ago with Simple Green Smoothies. #classof2013 🎓

Not only am I participating in B-School, but I’m also helping Marie Forleo spread the word because 1) I believe in it 2) it has changed my life and business and 3) I know it will change yours.

This is the BEST way for me to get clear on my new direction… going back to business basics.

So where are you? Are you in a season of pause, push, or pivot? Are you feeling the urge to get clear on how you will show up and serve your community in the best way?

If that’s you, B-school could be the answer. Join the B-school waitlist.

Are you ready to get closer to your dreams and goals too? Join the B-school waitlist and I'll let you know when doors open in 2021.

So glad to re-engage and reconnect with you. And as I make shifts in my business, you’ll be the first to know.

So grateful to have you in my community.

Warm hugs,

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