Rebecca McLoughlin

Resident Life Coach

Rebecca McLoughlin is the resident Life and Mindset Coach for She Builds™ Collective. She has a passion for helping ambitious women hone and balance their “big energy” into focused action and feminine flow. As a Certified Life Coach with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Rebecca supports clients in doing the deep inner work needed to gain insight and free themselves from patterns of procrastination, self-sabotage, and burnout. Through skilled questioning, deep listening, and a holistic coaching relationship, clients not only experience more success and ease in their business but also create more joy and meaning in their whole life.

Strengths: ENFP; Ideation, Empathy, Adaptability, Connectedness, Positivity

Superpowers: Space holder, deep listener, a champion for transformation, validation for the messiness, and beauty that is the human experience.

Self-care: Embodied spiritual practice, hiking, pilates, baths, deep conversations with girlfriends

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