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The truth of “balancing” motherhood and business

My daughter had her last day of 5th grade last Friday. I can’t believe I’m a mother of a middle schooler. I had a proud mom moment because my daughter was selected from her class to deliver a 5th grade promotion speech. 🎓

She had no help in writing her speech from us. She gave shout outs to all of her teachers from kindergarten to fifth grade. And she even dropped knowledge bombs about the importance of making mistakes, mentioning George Washington and Thomas Edison. 💡

She ended her speech with, “What appears to be the end, is actually a new beginning.” 💗

My husband and I still haven’t quite figured out summer childcare plans for Zoe. So there may be a few “take your kid to work days” happening over the next few days/weeks. 🙂

Speaking of childcare, I had a super honest conversation with Kathleen from Being Boss where she shares how she “balances” business and motherhood. If you want a backstage pass to what it really looks like to being your own boss when time is your most precious asset, this episode is for you.

Authentically Being Boss

In episode 118 of Lead with Love, Kathleen talks about imposter syndrome and how metrics and numbers can completely skew our perception of the humans behind social media accounts, how she found her “Business Bestie” (and some easy steps on how you can find yours), and what a business partner is and isn’t and ways to make business partnerships work.

She also gives a glimpse into the book writing process and the challenges faced along the way, what happens when things don’t quite go according to the plan with kids at home, and why she decided to shut down a Facebook group with over 25,000 people.

FIND full show notes here:

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