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Willing to fail with a mighty purpose with Sally Haughey

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Are you willing to put yourself out there even if you might get rejected? Can you trust the process? We’re such a results driven culture that we don’t celebrate when we fall and fail our way forward.

That’s why I love my most recent Lead with Love podcast guest. She’s willing to fail in front of everyone because she believes in her mission so much.

In this episode, I get cozy with my client, internationally acclaimed early childhood education specialist Sally Haughey.

We talk passionately about education, honoring the whole child, and the parallels in how we learn as entrepreneurs.

Sally Haughey is the Founder and CEO of Fairy Dust Teaching and Teaching Mastery Institute, Inc. She co-authored Through a Child’s Eye with a new one on the way called Wonder Art Workshop: Creative Child-Led Experiences for Nurturing Imagination, Curiosity, and a Love of Learning

She offers an online exclusive membership club called “The Wonder Tribe” where Sally shares her signature method, known as Wonder Based Teaching™.

Sally serves, inspires, and educates thousands of teachers worldwide through online courses, master classes and biannual conferences including educators from over 60 countries, sharing content inspired by Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf and other play based teaching.

I'm willing to fail fully in front of everyone. I would rather try and fail miserably than wait for the right moment.


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • What guides every decision Sally makes about her social media posts and the conversations she has with her customers [5:01]
  • How Sally handles the need to be seen and acknowledged, as well as avoid the temptation to compare herself with others [8:09]
  • The moment Sally knew that she wanted to be a teacher and the way she’s turned what could be perceived as a deficit into an advantage for her [11:54]
  • An example of how she’s been able to honor each child in her classroom, even in the most challenging of situations [14:31]
  • What similarities exist between teaching in the classroom and building a business [20:25]
  • Why focusing on and being clear about the community she’s serving means so much to Sally [25:39]
  • The reasons she never focuses on just the money aspect of business [32:29]
  • What inspired Sally to start sharing online beyond her classroom walls, and what her first course launch looked like [35:11]
  • What led Sally to be coached by me, and the amazing results she has achieved so far [44:04]
  • Why play-based education in early childhood is so necessary for our children [54:44]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Jadah's Work with Me Application

» Fairy Dust Teaching

» Connect with Sally on Instagram and Facebook!

» The Pedagogy of Play Global Online Conference 

» Thinkific

Key Quotes:

  • “I have a mighty purpose in what I do, and that mighty purpose is to transform early childhood on the planet.” [5:01]
  • “The first day standing in that classroom, 18 eyes look at me. I’m speaking, and they all instantly look at me. I’m telling you, it was the most sacred moment. I realized they trusted me and this was nothing to take lightly.” [13:34]
  • “I watch metrics. I love metrics because it’s speaking the energy of my business, and I’ll make decisions based on what I’m researching and seeing.” [20:55]
  • “Intention is everything to me. What is your underlying intention?” [33:45]
  • “Immediately I fell in love with the energy of exchange online, and I still am fascinated by it.” [38:02]
  • “At the end of the day, our planet and peace on the planet depends on how we educate children.” [41:02]
  • “Really the number one thing I do is I’m willing to fail fully in front of everyone. I would rather try and fail miserably than wait for the right moment. The right moment never happens for me.” [49:37]

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