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The art of doing less and making more with Amy Porterfield

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In this episode of Lead with Love, I talk to my dear friend and online marketing expert, Amy Porterfield. She’s the host of one of my favorite and top-ranked business podcasts, Online Marketing Made Easy, and the creator of some amazing bestselling marketing courses like List Builders Lab and Courses that Convert.

Amy has worked with big brands like Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content development team. So if you want to learn about streamlining content creation, Amy is your girl!

What I love about Amy is how intentional she has been in building the right business model for her. She has built a multiple seven figure education company as an introvert and using that to her advantage.

She deeply cares about serving and nurturing her global community of over 250,000 online entrepreneurs, and in this episode she shares how she does it.

“I learned the art of do less, make more. I never believed it until I had to slow down and do it myself.”


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • A time when Amy didn’t have compassion for herself – and the one mistake she couldn’t shake for years [9:14]
  • Her advice for people wanting to grow an email list as quickly as possible [10:54]
  • How she’s been able to infuse authenticity into her business [12:29]
  • The ways Amy has been able to sustain growth, loyalty and engagement with her community over the long run [19:57]
  • What tweaks she’s made to her team and customer service approach that has paid huge dividends [19:45]
  • Amy’s tips for business success as an introvert [25:44]
  • What she learned about comparing herself to others and how she has been able to stay in the game and get past certain hurdles [28:14]
  • Why Amy now says “No” to bring her opportunities that serve her better [37:39]
  • Her tips for resetting and replenishing after burnout [40:02]
  • The ways she keeps coming up with fresh new content, and why it doesn’t pay to try to know it all when it comes to online marketing [43:29]

Resources + links mentioned:

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» Why I hate video

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» Ask by Ryan Levesque

» The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

» LWL 110, Being Loyal to Your Dreams, Not your Fears with Tara Mohr

Key Quotes:

  • “I have very high standards for myself that I would never put on somebody else.” [6:56]
  • “Thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions, and you can always choose a different thought to have a different feeling.” [7:49]
  • “It’s different when you start to think of every single person as a human that has problems, challenges, hopes and dreams, and you speak to them as you genuinely care about that one person. It’s a game changer.” [11:33]
  • “I’m very open about the fact that I don’t necessarily love to speak on stage, I’m not a big traveller for business and I feel really good behind this computer at my house.” [27:14]
  • “I learned the art of do less, make more. I never believed it until I had to slow down and do it myself.” [35:12]
  • “I genuinely care to see my students get to a place that they have never even imagined was possible for them.” [51:44]

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