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Releasing resistance & staying inspired with Lana Shlafer

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If you are looking to be inspired, feel worthy and in the flow, then this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with Lana Shlafer. Lana is a life mastery expert, speaker and online course creator.

Through her videos, meditations, courses and events, Lana has helped thousands turn pain to gain, manifest miracles and master their lives. Over 20,000 people have joined her Manifesting Challenges and experienced extraordinary breakthroughs and manifestations.

Lana has been featured on television and in popular publications such as TVOne, NPR and The Huffington Post. She resides in Puerto Rico with her three kids and husband, and is working on her first book.

I reclaimed my power by recognizing there's nothing to fight.


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!)

  • Lana’s intention for the mini dance breaks she shares with followers on social media, and what happened after she started doing them [3:32]
  • How to respond to critics and an example of when criticism touched Lana deeply [6:41]
  • A significant change happening in the self-growth and coaching industries [14:16]
  • A time in Lana’s personal life where she did push against resistance, how she realized what was happening and the action she took to correct it [15:17]
  • How she discovered the path for her life’s work helping others around manifestation [22:58]
  • The powerful exercises that Lana does using her clients’ life experiences and why she does them [35:41]
  • How Lana defines “worthiness” and the ways her perspective of it has changed [38:53]
  • Why she says that givers are some of the most selfish people in the world [42:16]
  • Lana’s routines for staying in the flow and feeding her soul in order to manifest miracles in her life [46:29]
  • What she feels her life work is – and isn’t [55:36]

Resources + links mentioned:

» Lana Shlafer

» Connect with Lana on Facebook and Instagram!

» Manifest Miracles

» Manifest Miracles Masterclass

» 15-minute “I Am Worthy” Meditation

» 4-minute “Ease” Meditation

» Master Your Life In 1° Shifts Playbook PDF

» Lana’s Instagram Post “Choose to take the path less travelled, and go with those you love.”

Key Quotes:

  • “Whenever people share something that moves them, I think others can feel it and they resonate with it.” [5:45]
  • “I take particular joy out of loving those that don’t feel lovable.” [8:10]
  • “It’s that shift to realize that pushing against what you don’t want is only going to get you deeper into what you don’t want.” [14:56]
  • “I reclaimed my power by recognizing there’s nothing to fight.” [20:28]
  • “You don’t have to believe everything that somebody says, or even look at the source, but you can receive the value.” [27:45]
  • “When I am in that cycle of giving and receiving, I have so much more to circulate.” [45:23]
  • “I’m just committed to putting out the best of me, and the best of what I know, and I feel like people respond to that.” [54:14]

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