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Is this keeping you stuck?

Right now my husband is listening to Brené Brown’s Power of Vulnerability. We’re huge Brené fans over here.

The book sparked a conversation around childhood trauma and the power of owning your story. I’ve found this as an opportunity for me to go deeper into where I’ve come from versus focusing on where I’m going.

This is actually really, really hard for me when I’m such a big dreamer. Some of my top strengths are Futuristic and Ideation. My default is to say, “I’m good” and keep myself in warrior mode.

But when we say we’re good, we skip right over all the big emotions that come up through hurt, loss and trauma.

Appearing to have it all together may be holding us back.

How could perfection and old stories that you created when you were younger be blocking you from more connection and love in your work and your life? If you want more clarity, but feel stuck and just can’t figure out why, then episode 149 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with my friend Kavita J Patel.

Kavita is a Relationship Coach. She has studied ancient eastern philosophy for 20 years, and combines those practices with her studies and experiences in family systems and human behavior to create her own transformational process, called The Parent Work™.

Embrace the Mess

Kavita teaches that our relationships with lovers, spouses, money, our bodies, our kids… are all affected by things that happened between us and our parents or those that raised us in our childhood. And The Parent Work™ is a unique approach that has helped thousands change the way they operate in their lives by often having one profound conversation…with their parents.

Kavita supports her clients in breaking through those limiting subconscious patterns, so they can create deep levels of connection and love within themselves, and become the person they’re meant to be.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • Ways that the need to be perfect can hold us back in our relationships
  • The tremendous way our relationships with our parents will affect us throughout life and what lights Kavita up with her work around this
  • A very personal example of a time that she was triggered and the conversations she experienced around sharing about these traumatic past events
  • The positive effect that opening up to her parents has had on her marriage

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