You deserve to

love your life


“I’m scared to commit to this!” announcement + a personal love note for you

You are a star.
You shine brightly,
so others can
see their shine too.
You serve with heart.

Don’t forget to stay focused
on what matters most…
your family,
your health,
your integrity,
your authentic voice.

No one can take…
your story,
your credibility,
your experience from you.

Share your message loud and proud.

Your people are waiting for you.
They are ready for a breakthrough
to their wildest dreams.

Collaboration over competition.
Consistency matters.
Trust yourself and the decisions you make.
Go all in, or not at all.


Take care of yourself,
and keep yourself
at the top of your list.

Continue to…
dream big,
take imperfect action,
and let go
of anything
that does not
serve you.

With love & deep belief in your greatness

Meditate on the personal love note above. Take it all in. Believe in who you are and the person you will become in 2018.

Confession: The letter above I originally wrote to myself a few months ago. I realize that the letters I write to myself are also letters that could be the perfect message for you too.

I also promised to share my “I’m scared to commit to this” announcement: Next month a lil’ something something I’ve been dreaming up for years will finally happen! I’m launching my first ever podcast on February 14, 2018, yasss!!!

I figure if I announce the date publicly –– there’s no turning back. 😂 I’ll be asking for your help along the way as I’d love for you to be a part of this huge milestone for me. More coming soon. So grateful for you!

Warm hugs,

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