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I had the best time in Yosemite last week. My family and I saw waterfalls + a coyote, played board games (Sorry, Dutch Blitz, Blokus, Uno, Connect Four) soaked in the hot tub, and created vision boards.

My husband and I haven’t created a vision board since 2012, which is the year before Simple Green Smoothies took off. So I’m really excited to see what happens next with an upgraded vision.

Sometimes when we feel distracted, overwhelmed, and like we don’t have enough time, that’s the best time to step away. We can’t always take a vacation to reset, but you can pause and take a step back to see the bigger picture of everything you’re juggling in your life.

If your days are starting to feel extra full, packed minute to minute with no space to create, no space to rest, no space to restore, then episode 152 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this solo episode, I’ll share how to create more space and simplicity in your life, so you have room to create and focus on what’s truly lighting you up.

I’ll share four simple steps that help me reset my mind and prioritize my schedule:

1. Connect to your vision
2. Clear the mental clutter
3. Clear the deck
4. Calendar your priorities

How to Create More Space to Focus

It is ok to not do it all, at least not all right now.


What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • What will happen if you keep saying “Yes” to every opportunity that comes your way
  • The ways I can tell if I’m losing spaciousness and things are getting out of control
  • How having a strategic quarterly plan, and long-term vision, will help you succeed
  • The “brain sneeze” exercise that just takes minutes, but can significantly reduce your mental clutter
  • What it means to “clear the deck” and the four ways you can do it
  • The process of setting boundaries and letting your calendar dictate your priorities

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