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how faith brings the results you desire

Can you believe we only have two weeks left of 2021?

This year went by so fast. And we’re still holding so much as a collective. The compounded grief, uncertainty, and burnout.

I hope you’re taking the time to spend time with your loved ones, slow down and immerse yourself in these darker days (if you’re in the western hemisphere) to rest and reflect.

This is my favorite time of year because I have the space to acknowledge who I’ve become, what I want to release, and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Book update: I’ve still been in my creative cave working on the book. I sent an email on Monday looking for beta readers, did you see it? It’s taken a lot of stamina and focus to write, edit and rewrite (we’ve cut word count from 88,000 to 74,000).

I notice that I hyper manage my timeline looking for control and certainty. But the creative process is a moving target. And so many times I have to let go of having all of the answers. A reminder for me and all of us wherever we are on our journey… have faith in the process.

How Faith Brings the Results You Desire

“Some people are offended that you even have the nerve to have a dream. Your dreams are offensive to people, so I’m in pursuit of truth and freedom, always.”


In this final episode of season 4 of the Lead with Love podcast (new episodes for season 5 in 2022!), I get cozy with my friend Rachel Luna. We talk about our books and how we’ve been writing accountability partners for one another.

We cover what it means to care for our bodies, move through grief, and how to balance healing, motherhood, and business.

We also talk about taking confident action, and giving ourselves the permission to offend in pursuit of our truth, freedom, and going after our dreams.

Rachel is an international speaker, Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach to entrepreneurs, and host of the popular podcast, Permission to Offend which has listeners in over 90 countries around the world.

Rachel is a former U.S. Marine and was named by Forbes as one of “The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.”

Rachel guides people on how to manifest their desires in just 5 minutes a day through her Faith Activated Journaling Experience and hosts a live event called Confidence Activated.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

  • How to empower your team as an act of “love” and why micromanaging hinders motivated teams
  •  A look at Rachel’s journaling practice to cultivate a relationship with herself, and her perspective on self-love
  • How to start journaling as a powerful tool to clarify what you really want in life and business
  • How Rachel ran her business as a mother, all while healing as a cancer survivor
  • The reasons that you must be willing to offend if you are in pursuit of your own truth and freedom

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