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“Follow Your Bliss” with George Brian Sellner

Do you ever want a sneak peek behind how couples navigate entrepreneurship, long-term partnership, and making big life decisions? If you want to find the inspiration to follow your bliss without destroying your most important relationships in the process, this episode is for you. In today’s conversation, I get cozy with my husband, George Brian […]

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This is so hard to share…

2019 rocked me to my core. You have two choices: keep playing on the field or take a breath to rest on the sidelines. Either way, you’re still in the game. I made an intentional decision to press pause in business, so I could press play on allowing myself to grieve and reorient my relationship […]

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🐘 are you avoiding the big a$$ elephant in the room?

Over the last few years of leading my own teams for my companies and coaching business leaders and their teams inside their companies, I’ve noticed there is one thing we resist the most. It’s also the one thing that will change EVERYTHING, and that is… …having hella hard conversations. You know, the ones you’d really, […]

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