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take care of this first and you will grow your business

I believe we are being called to do business in a different way. To slow down, to listen, and to trust the wisdom of our bodies. Oftentimes as we’re building businesses at such a fast pace, we create these self-imposed deadlines, and create a lot of forcing, pushing, and hustling to exhaustion. What if burnout […]

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Willing to FAIL with a mighty purpose

Have you ever tried to reframe rejection like this: “Accept rejection as a grand indication that you’re trying.” I know, it can be hard to see rejection as a good thing. We think: – Why was I not good enough? – Why do I deserve this? – Am I not worthy? But we rarely stop […]

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How to build a business while traveling the world

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about home and how we personally define it. I’ve always been a gypsy at heart and have the desire to travel around the world while running my business. World Schooling my daughter for a year is a definite bucket list item. What might hold you back from exploring the […]

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