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Power, Liberation and Love

I am so ready for winter break. I plan to unplug and get snuggly with my family for the holidays. Lots of S P A C E, downtime, dreaming and just being (no doing). How about you? Are you ready to wind down too? Last week was my last big push project for the year. […]

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Owning your voice, your story, your sacred dream

Yes, Oprah’s all-time favorite guest is on the podcast today! I am beyond excited to share today’s Lead with Love conversation with you. I had the opportunity to see Dr. Tererai Trent speak live and she rattled my bones and broke my heart wide open to truly own my voice, my story, and my sacred […]

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Protecting the “Queen Bee” in your business

This is the time of year where you’re in the messy middle of clarity when it comes to the work you’re doing in the world. You may be… … prepping for your last launch of the year. … booking your last few spots for clients to reach your revenue goals. … slowing down your day […]

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