How I met Prince and Justin Timberlake

Yes, it’s true! I met and got to spend time with Prince and Justin Timberlake. And I’m going to share my mindset around relationship building and belonging, so you can see how these opportunities happened.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong, or you’ve struggled to create deep connections with people you admire, then solo episode 130 of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

I’ll share how I met two amazing musical icons, Prince and Justin Timberlake, to help illustrate where true belonging starts from.

Creating Community

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a community builder at heart. I grew the community at my previous business Simple Green Smoothies to over a million followers across Instagram, Facebook and email list.

Creating community isn’t just about increasing the number of likes on your posts or getting more email subscribers, it’s about creating a space where people feel the ABC’s of love: Acknowledgement, Belonging, Connection.

Over the years, I’ve learned belonging isn’t a one-sided street. There’s something that needs to happen on both sides of the equation.

In this episode, I’ll share lessons that I’ve learned on my personal quest to feeling like I belong and why belonging is really a choice.

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Key Quotes:

“What I’ve learned in my experiences is that we have to actually choose in to belonging; that it is not somebody else’s responsibility.” [2:01]

“Belonging is not a one-sided street. It happens on both sides for the equation.” [3:10]

“Really marketing is about relationship building. It’s about building trust.” [9:35]

“I was open to sharing my gifts and leveling the playing field, instead of allowing myself to be small in that moment.” [14:46]

“You need those moments, those few seconds of bravery, to open up opportunities and to open up the option to deepen a relationship with someone.” [23:57]


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