“Permission to Dream” with Giovanni Marsico

What if we gave ourselves permission to dream? What if we allowed ourselves to create an epic vision that seems impossible? Today, we talk about claiming the word dreamer, the importance of finding people like you, and the magic that goes behind hosting live events.

In this episode I get cozy with my friend and fellow dreamer, Giovanni Marsico.

Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel, an organization and global community dedicated to supporting the growth of Superheroes: visionary leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

The Archangel organization is designed to provide these Superheroes with the tools and resources they need to grow, and to connect them with one another for support and peer-to-peer sharing, both virtually and through immersive experiences like the annual Archangel Summit conference, which brings together thousands of attendees in Toronto every fall.

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Key Quotes:

“I think what’s needed is what I call heart share, which is connecting to people’s hearts and owning the piece of their heart that’s resonating with you, what your brand is, what you believe and what you stand for.” [4:54]

“I believe all business truly is developing intimate relationships with people you care about, so if you start from that promise, everything is so much easier to grow.” [5:25]

“I loved all the groups I was in, but there was always something missing. The thing that was missing for me was being around more people like me.” [8:13]

“I don’t think any of us change like a switch. I think we all evolve, but we have to be proactively and consciously evolving versus reactively.” [13:15]

“I discovered that dreaming is my superpower. What I’m really, really good at is creating an epic vision that seems impossible, and then reverse engineering and trying to figure out how to make it happen.” [20:03]

“For most people, when they think of an event, it’s a one-day thing and then life goes back to normal. For me it should be a shift. There needs to be change and transformation.” [28:30]

“A lot of the Internet marketing space uses language around needing giant email lists, needing funnels and needing all these things, where you just need to make a few phone calls.” [40:47]


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