Owning the True Expression of Who We Are with Sarah Jenks

In today’s episode I talk with my dear friend, Sarah Jenks about transitions and what it looks like when we give ourselves permission to fall apart; rebuilding businesses from a place of magic and nature, and owning the true expression of who we are.

We also talk about how to get back into the flow after being overwhelmed –– you don’t want to miss this part. Such a great reminder for all of us.

I met Sarah when she was leading her international program, Live More Weigh Less, which has been celebrated in publications such as Forbes, Parenting magazine and Martha Stewart living.

Sarah shares real, unfiltered stories about the messiness and magic of life in a weekly letter that reaches close to 100k women. If you’re on Instagram, you have to follow her stories. She always keeps it real and makes me laugh out loud in the best way.

In our conversation, Sarah gets really honest about how she felt like she lost her freedom and sparkle in her life after having her first child.

And now she takes a stand for women to pull forward their most alive, confident, soulful self, so that we can end the pattern of taking scraps after everyone in our lives has feasted.

Tune in and listen below:

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Resources + links mentioned:

Sarah Jenks

Live More Weigh Less

Free Workshop – How To Pull Forward Your Most Alive, Confident, Soulful Self

Connect with Sarah on Instagram!


Key Quotes:

“Now that I feel I have such a clear connection with my soul and who I truly am, I’m creating work around that.” [7:20]

“I just got so tired from my business, feeling like it was a battlefield.” [11:07]

“A lot of us get into business because we can’t imagine doing anything more fun, and yet, in the day-to-day we’re not that happy.” [15:36]

“It can’t be true that women are just expected to turn off who they are in order to be a good mom.” [20:21]

“I’ve known that I need other women in my life who are entrepreneurs, because they’re the only ones that are going to understand all the ups and downs.” [38:23]

“In order to really tune into that truth, we need to create a lot of space for ourselves.” [50:22]


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