why making decisions with your heart matters ❤

I’m still in full celebration mode for launching my podcast Lead with Love in just 6 weeks! It took a lot of focus, frantic texts to friends, mixed with tons of love. #takeimperfectaction.

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My friend Amy Groome sent this pic to me while I bombarded her with text messages about podcast cover art. It feels so good to have amazing women in my corner.

Once I listened to the episodes, I realized all that stinkin’ thinkin’ was just in my head! I took the attention off myself and focused on serving YOU.

This week, I’m sharing my interview with Marie Forleo. Marie has been one of my favorite leaders in business for years now and it was so much fun to interview her. She interviewed me as one of the many success stories from B-school and now it’s my turn. 🙂

In this Lead with Love episode we talk about…

  • Why making decisions with your heart matters, even if it doesn’t always make sense on paper
  • We look at how to quiet that vicious voice in your head so you can do your work in the world
  • The importance of choosing joy, even when the work is not always sexy behind-the-scenes.

Two quotes from my interview with Marie that make my heart SO happy:

“To me it just comes down to listening to my heart and understanding that my heart has wisdom that is simply not accessible through the logic, rational parts of my mind, my brain and my experience.” – Marie Forleo

“For me the metrics that really matter are my health, my joy, my sense of fulfillment and how much fun I’m having on a day-to-day basis” – Marie Forleo

Click here to listen to this podcast episode on iTunes –– and check out show notes here.

The first business investment I ever made…

When I first generated revenue in my online business, I reinvested that money into Marie Forleo's B-School and a part-time customer support/blog writing/unicorn.

B-school was a game-changer in my business in 2013, and I’m so grateful to be part of the B-school community. Marie embodies leading with love in business every single day. She believes in listening to your heart and following your intuition. I not only had permission to align my heart with my business, but I got really clear on my profits and business model too.

Doors for B-school only open once a year and are now open through March 1. Click here if you’re ready to take your business to a new level, make money with meaning, and do it all from a place of passion, service and love.

Join a community of heart-lead business leaders

If you’re ready to take the leap and grow your business, use my special affiliate link to sign up. When you do, you get two bonuses from me valued at $1,999!

1. The first 20 people that sign up with me, will also get free access to my online Build Your Challenge course, everything you need to create, promote, and launch your tribe building challenge, so you can grow your e-mail list with love and service (valued at $399).

2. 2-Day Business Event. I’m excited to gift everyone that joins the B-school using my personal affiliate link, a free two day in person Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle event in the San Francisco Bay area (valued at $1,600). This bonus is only for female entrepreneurs (sorry fellas!) and will be 2 days of business training, planning and connecting with a supportive community that will encourage and inspire you.

I can’t wait to connect heart-to-heart with ambitious women, who are passionate about leading with love in business and making a positive impact on the world. You don’t want to miss this!

Now… listen to the words of wisdom from Marie Forleo in this week’s episode of Lead with Love. And if you’re feeling it and loving the content, please leave an honest review for me over on iTunes.

Warm hugs,

Quick recap:

  1. The foundational online business program I did in 2013, is now open to enroll: click here to learn more about B-School and join.
  2. Listen to the newest Lead with Love episode with Marie Forleo in iTunes (and find your show notes here)
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