You’re an exceptional woman.

Not only because you have heart, ambition, and talent, but because you’re committed to being a source of good in the world.

And when you embarked on this journey to do what you love, to offer your gifts to your community, and to be of service, you imagined more flow, more joy, and more ease.

Instead, it feels like your success is determined by social media stats, conversion rates, and recognition. There’s pressure to keep up, compare, and compete. And as you step into this aggressive, fast-paced arena, you can’t help but feel like it isn’t really “you.”

“Comparison kills creativity and joy.” ~ Brené Brown

You’re not a competitor, you’re a fierce visionary who wants to build her business with grace and balance. Most importantly, with love.

But, how?

In between connecting with customers, writing blog posts, tracking your income, setting aside money for taxes, running Facebook ads, and growing your following on Instagram—it’s become increasingly clear that creating the space AND the structure to pause, reflect, and strategize with love, creativity and service is essential to scaling your business your way.

Because the collection of tips and tactics from podcasts, online courses, mastermind groups, and fellow entrepreneurs, doesn’t feel cohesive or systematic enough to take you higher.

You’re always wondering…



  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I maximizing my time?
  • Am I focusing on the right projects?
  • Am I setting the right goals?

Most of all…

Am I doing what I need to do to increase revenue, stabilize my business, and grow for the long haul? Or am I headed straight for burnout?

Because, right now, you're excited about the momentum in your business, but you’re also doing more than ever—onboarding new clients, managing your growing community and customer base, trying to keep up with the demand, and feeling like your plate is full of endless non-value, day-to-day tasks.

There are pauses and rhythms in your business. One month you feel on top of the world. The next month, you may hit a plateau— not seeing new growth—in revenue or your following and feel like a fraud. It’s no wonder you feel more overwhelm than joy.

Your dream of being a real source of good in the world, of being a changemaker with an adoring audience who creates life-giving products, writes brilliant books, and speaks on stages—is feeling blocked, and you question how it’s all going to come together without you having to make major sacrifices.

If only you had more support.

If only you could create a personalized roadmap and process that's aligned with your unique path, so that you can reach those ambitious milestones at a pace that feels expansive and good for your soul.

If only you could get personal feedback and insight on the best next step for you from other successful entrepreneurs so that you can move your business in the right direction and skip all of the guesswork.

Take a deep breath.

I’m going to let you in on a little known secret.

Massive business growth—and real deal stability—

isn’t hinged on “the hustle.”


You don’t have to…

  • * Work 15-hour days
  • * Sacrifice your health and relationships
  • * Struggle through overwhelm
  • * Wear every business hat
  • * Invest in online course after online course
  • * Or compromise your integrity

…in order to become that brilliant, well-known changemaker you want to be.

Going to the next level is not as complicated as you think.

There’s a smarter way to connect with a larger audience, to reach an income that allows you to support your family with a more flexible schedule, and to turn your loftiest goals into a working reality—while doing less of what drains you and more of what energizes you.

In fact, this new way of doing business feels…

Sustainable, more organized and structured for big growth (keep unlocking that next level)

Spacious enough for you to take vacations and spend quality time with loved ones (hello, world traveler!)

Supported by mentors and fellow entrepreneurs who will cheer you on (#CEOsisterhood)

More profitable than you ever imagined without having to use more energy and time (#winning)

100% fueled by connection, meaning, and love (a dream come true)

Like it’s running on autopilot (so you can stay in your zone of genius)

In other words, it’s a strong foundation to build on—a way of managing your business—that allows you to personally and professionally thrive, and live your healthiest, happiest, most abundant life.


A 12-month, group business incubator that will effectively align and support your business growth so that your most profitable goals and visions can be realized, and you can start living your dream of serving more people with your gifts and expertise.

Led by me, Jadah Sellner – a 3-time business owner, best-selling author, and community growth expert – you’ll receive the real world business strategies you’ve been hoping to find and share the experience with 25 other like-minded entrepreneurs. Women who also have an unshakeable drive to make a difference in the world and do business with integrity.

As an author, international speaker, entrepreneur, spoken word poet, wife, mama, and dreamer, I am deeply passionate about working with women who are determined to build beautiful business empires that make a difference in the world.

Having personally built 3 businesses over the past 8 years including the world-renowned Simple Green Smoothies, I’ve developed a toolbox of soulful strategies that not only promote business growth, nurture your tribe, and fuel your heart, but that also empower you to create and live the life you've always wanted.

Using my own method has allowed me to:

Generate enough revenue to retire my husband from his job of 13 years so that we have the freedom to create a life of adventure with our daughter

Publish a book (Simple Green Smoothies), which has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, CBS’s The Doctors TV Show, and the Wall Street Journal

Grow an engaged community of…

355,000 happy + loved email subscribers

415,000 Instagram followers

and 320,000 Facebook fans

Speak on big stages sharing my message around the world with amazing speakers like Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk

I created the LOVE OVER METRICS™ Business Growth Incubator to not only give you access to a more soulful way of doing business, but to help you connect to your deeper and bigger vision, reach more people, support your family, serve the world, and grow your income without stressing about spreadsheets and conversion rates.

Our self-worth can get tied up in the metrics – but we have to remember…

Numbers aren’t the point. Transformation is.

When you make money, it’s a measure of the impact you are making and can continue to make (we don’t ignore the numbers – profit matters if you want to grow a business!)

But I believe that if we lead with love first, build a solid + aligned business foundation, the numbers will follow in a more meaningful, sustainable way.

Imagine building a business where the majority of your time is spent pouring more energy into creating world-changing solutions and serving your community. A shift from being obsessed with numbers and stats and bringing you back to connecting to what matters most…

✽ loving up on your tribe
✽ finding more meaning in your work,
✽ and enjoying the process.

You deserve to see your business thriving, your relationships strong, and your life full of joy and purpose. And that’s what’s possible for you in this intimate, curated group program.



LOVE OVER METRICS™ doesn’t just support the growth and impact of your business; it supports your bigger life vision and allows you to become the best version of yourself along the way. Here are some real life examples of its impact:


Created her very first online product with a community of happy customers and a challenge that’s grown her list to over 50,000 subscribers.


Scaled her 1-on-1 therapy practice to her first group program filling half of it on the first day she shared her sales page.


Transferred her in-person programs, retreats, and knowledge into a virtual online group; launched her first challenge, included a home in Lake Tahoe in her 3 year vision, and purchased it in the third month of the program.

You’re Here Because You're Ready To Reach

That Next Level Vision!


You want to pursue a holistic approach to making money that feels consistent, sustainable and meaningful.


You want to build a location independent business.


You want flexibility to take time off for important events, travel and be available for your family (or time and space to start a family).


You want to publish a book, so your story can transform and inspire more people with great speaking opportunities and impactful events around the world.


You want to live life to the fullest, having incredible experiences, deepening your relationship with your loved ones, raising a family, spending more time outside, doing the things you love most, and helping others to do the same in their own lives.


You're ready to create, share, and inspire. And you know there’s more to life than settling for the status quo.


You want to be a present and fun mom, a more loving wife, and an organized, fun, and generous business owner with a team that enjoys working with you.


You want a schedule that is spacious and where you are well paid for the time you’re spending on the projects that you love.


You want time to take care of your body, honor your creativity, and slow down to enjoy the small moments while chasing your big dreams.

You can build a business that feels fun, expansive, like an act of service, and more profitable every single day!

You simply need the support, the strategy, and the guidance that works for you and the way you want to serve and live in the world. That’s what LOVE OVER METRICS™ gives you.

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” ~ African Proverb


I believe in honoring the whole woman in business.

Get ready to have the space to dream, slow down, and serve from your heart. It's your time to build a sustainable business without compromising your health or your relationships. In this experience you will work on your business, and not just in it. You'll feel a sense of clarity and focus with a safe container for consistency, a timeline to work on the right projects, and accountability to put yourself out there with no judgement.

For 12 months, you’ll have support and guidance from not only me (Jadah!), but also a group of extraordinary like-minded women who are committed to your success as well as their own. You’ll receive 1-1 feedback on your projects, goals, and business decisions.

From your business model to your content marketing, you’ll learn exactly how to set yourself up to double your monthly revenue using my community building and revenue generating roadmaps.

You’ll have new business BFF’s to brainstorm with about your world changing ideas and exchange authentic business strategies over mimosas (or Kombucha!).

You’ll gain more clarity and focus in your business and drastically reduce overwhelm, so that you can double your monthly revenue, be present in your life without distractions, and focus on your self-care without feeling guilty.


The LOVE OVER METRICS™ Core Framework

Your business is your art. A full expression on how you want to live and give to the world.

When you connect to your WHY and you’re clear on WHAT you’re doing in the world, the HOW and WHEN becomes much easier.

You already have the essential ingredients for your business foundation. You’re now ready for next level growth, and that means we need to amplify your message that feels aligned and can reach more people.

It’s time to STREAMLINE your business foundation, SHARE your core message, SELL confidently and consistently, and SERVE your community in a powerful way with the LOVE OVER METRICS™ Core Framework to create a sustainable business model that works for you.

These are the foundation projects we’ll focus on during the 12-month Business Growth Incubator:



My Signature Dreaming & Planning Strategy Maps ($3000 VALUE)
Everything you need to reach your personal and professional goals with more focus and productivity (without the burnout or overwhelm).

Private 1-1 Laser Coaching Calls with Me (Jadah) ($1000 VALUE)
Four (4) 15-minute “when you need ‘em” calls that you can use anytime during our 12 months together so you have personal feedback on your most pressing roadblocks. Side note: one woman said that our 15-minute calls provided more value than a year-long mastermind.

Monthly Office Hours ($3000 VALUE)
One 90-minute group call per month with me to get answers on what you need the most support with, so you can grow your business focusing on what you love, make money, and have fun.

Monthly Implementation Co-working Sessions ($3000 VALUE)
One 90-minute group call with me, so you can take action on the most important revenue generating projects in your business with customized feedback and support while you work on your business, not in it.

Accountability Mastermind Group ($5000 VALUE)
Virtually connect and collaborate with your very own subgroup of co-visionaries and dreamers in the program. Verbally process your ideas, problems, and possibilities with instant feedback from people who get you, so you maintain momentum in your business throughout the year.

Private Facebook Community
A private online group for ongoing connection and support with smart women to celebrate wins, ask for feedback (like sales pages), share tools, resources, and referrals.

Plus, These BONUS Goodies!

Build Your Challenge: an e-Course ($399 value)
Learn how to build an engaged community, increase your reach, and grow your tribe of dream customers with my 5-Step Build Your Challenge Process to create, promote, and launch an online challenge.

LIVE Quarterly Planning Workshops ($4000 VALUE)
Every 3 months, I will host you live in San Francisco where you will experience total immersion into hands on training to up-level your skills and walk away with a 12-month roadmap for your business goals each time we meet.

You’re dedicated to saying your dreams out loud, succeeding with integrity, and expanding the vision for your life. And you’re ready to say yes to yourself and your business.




LOVE OVER METRICS™ is the best next step for you if…

You’re eager to learn and take action quickly, so that you can take your business to the next level.

You’re ready to grow your community in an authentic way (because you really care about the people you serve) and believe in your ability to achieve big things in the world.

You have paying clients and/or customers who already believe in and support your work; you just need more clarity on moving the needle forward on your next program, product, or big idea.

You want an overhead view of your business and outside perspective from a mentor who has built and grown businesses (brick & mortar + online) to take your business to that next level in growth.

You’re craving high-level conversations to bring out your greatest work with a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs up to big things in the world. #CEOsisterhood – yes, please!

You lead from your heart, not your bank account. Money is important, but it’s not the core focus. #LoveOverMetrics

You’ve been running your business full-time or part-time for at least 1 year, have a website promoting your own product, service or brand, and a basic knowledge of online marketing


LOVE OVER METRICS™ is NOT the best next step if…

You’re looking for a “get rich quick” launch plan. (Building a long-term sustainable business is not a one-night stand. It takes time to build an engaged community and create world-changing impact.)

You’re focused only on the dollars when making business decisions. (In our community, you must care about the people behind the numbers.)

You’re just getting started in business, don’t have a website, and have no idea what your expertise is or who needs your help. (This incubator is for women who have established businesses, and have generated some revenue in their business. You may be pivoting in your business—that’s okay, you just can’t be asking, “what’s an email opt-in?”).

You want to learn a cookie cutter / blueprint / optimization / conversion “strategy.” (LOVE OVER METRICS doesn’t focus on trendy solutions and strategies that won’t work and lose the heart of your business. We focus on authentic connection as the bread and butter of your business.)


Hired an assistant, dream nanny, and got interviewed on her dream podcast in the first month of working together.


Doubled her revenue, wrote her first book, tested a group online program and pivoted to realize her true calling is to serve more people as a speaker and author.




It’s what you’re on this planet to do – connecting with thousands, using your gifts and expertise to change lives.

Through LOVE OVER METRICS™, you’ll finally stop worrying about strategy and start implementing a personalized approach that works best for you, your business, and the community you serve. Something that you can use for the rest of your journey no matter which way life takes you.

Imagine this:


Your business now runs way more smoothly because you have a solid team in place who handle all of the tasks that were blocking your growth before, so you can spend your time working in your strengths and pour love into your community.


You have a plan and a strategy that is clear, workable, and gives you peace of mind that you’re headed in the right direction and doing things your way – staying true to yourself and what is important to you.


You love your business that brings in consistent income with products and programs that serve your community and allow you to create more passive income, so you can step away from your business when you want to.


You have a flexible and spacious schedule to focus on the type of projects you enjoy doing, so you have plenty of time with your family and friends and working on your own health and well-being (i.e. volunteer in your kids' classes, travel and take nice vacations, and have yoga dates + coffee breaks with friends).


Your community continues to grow as you share your story on podcasts and speak at live events being seen as the “go to” leader in your industry.


You have a powerful network of world-changing women who you get to celebrate with and continue to grow with.


You are filled with joy because every day you play a part in making someone's life better. 


The LOVE OVER METRICS™ framework will guide you in making all of the above your new normal, your new reality.

And it is a program that yields results like:

✽ Doubling your monthly revenue

✽ Building a community of thousands

✽ Solidifying your 3-month, 12-month, and 3 year vision

✽ Finding balance and flow between work, play, and self-care

✽ Learning strategies for growth and sustainability

LOVE OVER METRICS™ is your game-changer.

Are you ready?

It’s time to do business better and to do it all with love. #LoveOverMetrics


With the intention to curate the most compatible group of women, applications will be accepted and reviewed by me personally. You’ll be contacted to schedule an interview and learn of your enrollment shortly after!



I’ve got answers for you…

When does LOVE OVER METRICS™ start?
We begin on Friday, September 8, 2017.

Will I get 1-1 time with Jadah?
Yes, you will get four private sessions with me that are resolution-focused, so you'll walk away with a clear action plan for the next steps to take to move your business forward. Each one is 15 minutes.

Are 15-minute laser coaching sessions really valuable?
Absolutely. In fact, I’m famous for my laser coaching, so you will certainly have breakthroughs during your sessions with me. In the 4 private sessions, I review your quarterly plan and strategy before we hop on a call to make sure you're making the most effective decisions in your business, so you don't just execute, but you execute on the right strategy at the right time.

Will Jadah be present on the live group coaching calls and co-working sessions?
Absolutely! I will be right there leading the group, offering support, answering questions—all of which will benefit everyone in the group. You will also have an opportunity every month to have my eyes on your biz in our office hours calls, our implementation sessions, and inside our private Facebook group in-between our calls.

Will you be aware of what we're working on and able to give us specific feedback?
I will absolutely know what you’re working on because you will fill out an on-boarding questionnaire that I will personally review, and will give you personal feedback in our scheduled monthly calls, 4 private sessions and our in-person workshops.

What industries will people be coming from?
Our members will be a mix of experts in art, fashion, social justice, blogging, web design, food sustainability, publishing, and creative fields. They will be authors, CEOs, influencers, and kind hearts.

What’s the investment?
We know price is always a little bit scary. What I’ve witnessed in the women I’ve coached and from my own personal experience, when we invest in our business growth, it always pays off.

It’s important to put a portion of what you earn back into your business if you’re looking to grow quicker and establish long-term success. Reinvesting in your business can lead to huge growth. But don’t go crazy where you’re not able to cover all of your other expenses. Babies gotta eat!

We’ll talk about investment after you fill out your application and we hop on a call to determine if this is the right next step for your business.

Will I jive with the group?
You always hope that you connect with the group, right? I get it! I’m an ENFP (I’m only 51% “E”), so cozy, intimate group curation is my speciality. This program is by invitation and application only. I personally read every application that comes in as well as hop on a one-on-one phone call to determine fit. I’m building a tribe of world-changers, and that means you won’t see “big” personalities in this program, just big dreaming visionaries who care about making the world a better place. #ChangingTheWorldInOurPajamas

What’s the time commitment?
You have two group coaching calls with me each month, along with quarterly in person planning workshops. You need to be able to fully commit your time and energy to the calls and workshops, so you can get the direct feedback you need. This program is intentionally designed in a way that supports you in taking imperfect action on your VIPs (very important projects), so you get results. I want to see you make a return on your investment, so you actually have to show up and do the work.

Now with a 12-month business growth incubator like this, things will come up. So you’ll have an opportunity to post questions inside our private online group, as well as before upcoming calls. And yes, all calls will be recorded, and uploaded into our online membership site, so you’ll have access from all of your devices at all times.

What if I can’t make all the in-person workshop dates?
No worries. I’ll have specific exercises uploaded into the online membership site for you to complete each quarter if you can’t make the live ones.

It’s important that you make at least one in person workshop for two very important reasons: 1) I want to squeeze you! I’m an introvert who hugs. 2) Nothing beats, face-to-face, heart-to-heart connections. Trust me you’re going to fall in love with the women in this group, and you’ll want to see them more than once a year, so please try to come to all four if possible.

How do I really know if this is right for me?
LOVE OVER METRICS™ is perfect for you because you’re still reading. You’re still here on this page because you want to join us, and you have been wishing for the right mentorship or group program to come along to set you on the right path. Because you have big dreams and big goals and a big heart, and you want to remove what’s blocking you from reaching your vision and holding it with both hands—sooner than later.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, you can send us an email at, and we can hop on a quick call together.


Video Testimonials

Take a deep breath.

You feel the call to stand up and share your voice.

It's time to take imperfect action–and serve in a bigger way– 

 The world is ready for you!