“The Know, LOVE and Trust Factor” with Chris Ducker


In this episode of Lead with Love, I talk with my friend Chris Ducker, the bestselling author of Virtual Freedom and founder of youpreneur.com — the entrepreneurial mastermind community that helps experts become the go-to leader in their industry.

I love Chris’s approach to building a personal brand to support your business by becoming “somebody’s favorite.” He goes deeper into this process in this episode as well as in his newest book The Rise of the Youpreneur.

Chris has built several businesses since venturing into the world of entrepreneurship in 2004, which today collectively house over 450 full-time employees and generate a multi-seven-figure annual revenue. Chris is featured regularly in Entrepreneur, Inc., Success, and Forbes. He not only brings a wealth of business wisdom to the table, he also shares his heart and humor.

I’m also a keynote speaker at Chris’s live event this year –– join me in London Nov 3-5, 2018! I’ll be talking about building your community and how to lead with love in life and business, You can grab your tickets at youpreneursummit.com. I’d love to meet you face to face.

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Resources + links mentioned:

Chris Ducker's website


Youpreneur Summit – I’m a keynote speaker –– join me in London Nov 3-5, 2018!

Rise of the Youpreneur by Chris Ducker – his new book

Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker – his first book

Youpreneur Podcast

Connect with Chris on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar

Carrie Wilkerson

Pat Flynn

Jo Koy: Live From Seattle

Brother Ray: Ray Charles Own Story by David Ritz


Key Quotes:

““If you treat a business like a business, it will pay you like a business. If you treat a hobby like a business, it will still just pay you like a hobby.” [8:00]

“If somebody does good to you, you must do good back to them, or at least to someone else. You’ve got to carry it forward.” [14:21]

“Now I don’t care so much about the money. Now it’s more about the impact that I’m having.” [23:13]

“You do need to get a little more personal, because people want to do business with other people and more importantly, people that they know, LOVE and trust!” [37:37]

“We have never been more connected as a human race as we are today, but we’ve also never been more disconnected.” [43:19]


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