“How Did I Get Here?” Jadah’s Personal Story with Nikki Elledge Brown

In this episode, my good friend Nikki Elledge Brown flips the script and interviews me! I share my vision of Lead with Love, how community and connection have always been a part of my life, and how we can all operate in a different way to pursue our own dreams.

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Key Quotes:

“I’m not afraid to try, try and try again. I don’t think everyone always has that stamina to kind of stay in and keep trying for something that they really, really want.” [16:11]

“It was love over metrics and building that community — I was just going to add as much value and love up on these people as much as possible.” [31:30]

“I believe that selling is a service, and it’s a disservice to not share this thing that might change some people’s lives.” [37:45]

“I am a verbal processor and I do believe that there is power in my voice and just speaking my truth.” [46:18]

“I have everything that I need, so anything else is just like a cherry on top.” [53:55]


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