“Finding the Courage to Lead with an Open Heart” with Nisha Moodley

If you’re looking for inspiring and practical ways to deepen your leadership, then this episode of the Lead with Love podcast is for you.

In this episode, I get cozy with my friend and women’s leadership coach, Nisha Moodley where we talk about open hearted leadership, boundaries, motherhood and business, and channeling anger for the greater good.

Nisha is a women’s leadership coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. Her work is driven by a belief in the immense power of sisterhood to help us expand our individual and collective freedom.

She works with women who feel a deep calling to offer their hearts and hands in service to humanity, and through their work together, her aim is to support them in embracing their innate brilliance, expanding their freedom, embodying their leadership, and aligning their actions with their inner truth.

Her work blends years of interest and study in spirituality, holistic health, coaching, and Family Systems. She’s been a coach for 10 years, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 30 retreats around the world.

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Global Sisterhood Day

Coaching as Activism

The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen


Key Quotes:

“To me leading with love is having an open heart and having the courage to both give and receive, and I think both of those things can be edgy for us as human beings.” [3:33]

“I owe myself to face myself and my life, but I don’t owe it to anyone else.” [16:34]

“I show myself to the world as a more whole and complete person now. There were things that I always cared about, but now I’m just talking about them more.” [28:59]

“Everything doesn’t have to be a giant leap. I think that growth is often slow and steady.” [32:41]

“I’ve so much come to recognize that there is no perfect time to become a mother. There is really no right way to do it.” [36:50]

“We sometimes can very easily overlook that we need, as humans, the nourishment of connection and intimacy.” [47:54]


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