“Being Loyal to Your Dreams, Not Your Fears” with Tara Mohr

In today’s conversation I get cozy with Tara Mohr, the author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create and Lead. I actually have two print copies of this book, along with the audio version. I also bring this book to the retreats I lead and gift this book to my clients. That’s how much I personally love this body of work!

Tara has a very magical way of bridging these conversations and the things that are going on in our heads as women when we’re stepping into our leadership.

Tara is also the creator of the Playing Big Leadership Program for Women, and she offers training for coaching, mentors and managers who support women in their personal and professional growth.

In this episode we talk about why Tara initially revisited her calling to step into the personal development space and the ways she’s been able to stay creatively engaged after offering her course for 7 years. She also shares her thoughts on scaling a business, and you’ll find out what “playing big” really means to her – it’s probably not what you think!

Tune in and listen below:


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