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An intimate mastermind program with private coaching & mentorship sessions dedicated to visionary leaders + entrepreneurs + creative CEO's

Have you been hanging around the boys’ “business” club for a little too long? If you’ve been building a business for a few years, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every event, every speaker on stage, every mastermind is filled with male influencers leading – and the women fill 90% of the seats.

We compare: Revenue. List Size. Social Media Stats.

We compete: Who will get there the fastest.

We get caught up in the metrics of building an empire that we forget to build a community to serve and a life to live.

Don’t get me wrong – guys rock. I’ve been married to an awesome guy for 11 years!

But there’s a huge shift in our world happening right now. A desire for women to rise together and lead from an intuitive place. Bringing heart back to the hustle. Bringing love back to business. Bringing warmth back to relationship building. #LoveOverMetrics

I have a 9-year old daughter, and I want to live in a world where women are not afraid to shine their light. I don’t want my daughter or any woman to dim her brilliance to be polite, or perfect, or fair. I want women to be fierce, unapologetic, and build businesses with grace, determination and loving boundaries. Women do business differently. We do it with love.

We also do life in community. We were not meant to be a lone wolf on this journey. You need a safe place to bounce ideas with without seeming crazy or slightly obsessed with changing the world through the businesses you build.

Do you have friends who have no clue what you do and question why you spend so much time in your comfy jammy pants typing away on your laptop? Have you built a business that's making money, but you're wondering will this magical money keep coming month after month? Maybe you're asking yourself, “Can my husband quit his job if I go all in on my business?” And, “Am I crazy for thinking I can change the world and follow my big dreams and take time off to travel and have fun?”

I totally get that because that was me in 2013 when I figured out how to build a community and make money doing work I'm passionate about. Jen Hansard and I co-founded Simple Green Smoothies, and in our second year in this business we built a multiple six figure business, with an email list of over 350,000 email subscribers, 300,000+ Instagram followers and signed a book deal that's now been featured in Oprah's O Magazine, CBS's The Doctors Show, and the Wall Street Journal. The numbers, our reach, our impact has been life-changing.

During that intentional growth period, I was ready for expansion. I was ready for the next level. I wanted to share my message and help even more people. I had new ideas brewing inside me, and I was struggling to focus all of my creative energy. This question always popped up for me, “Will this last? How do I make this business sustainable and not burn out? Can I reach and impact millions and stay grounded and in alignment with my values and strengths?”

I knew I was smart and resourceful, but I got frustrated with myself for not feeling focused all the time. I felt like everyone around me had a clear plan, and I was just putting pieces sporadically together hoping it would all work out. I was also getting tired of the never-ending trial and error. I'd look at other people in business and feel less confident – my confidence was shaky when I'd compare my business growth to others.

“Comparison kills creativity and joy.” ~ Brené Brown

Can you relate? What's the broken record that keeps playing in your head? I know when doubt and insecurities creep in I have a voice that says, “You don't have what it takes.” There's this story of not enough, especially when we put ourselves out there in big ways like running a business. Or, “How could you want even more? You already have enough.” Guilt can halt our big dreams and desires. But one thing I know is when women with a mission to change lives rise, they inspire others to rise with them. In order for you to breakthrough to be more of who you are, you have to start asking bigger questions and give yourself permission to play a bigger game.


“How can I get to the next level where I can increase my reach + income?”

Have you heard the phrase, “what got you here won't get you there?” I've noticed when you want to create change in your life, you have to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is not easy because we're comfort creatures. In my own life, whenever I need to stretch myself to do something unknown, I look for a state change (change of emotions, change of environment, change of people). And to hold me accountable, I get support from people who have already achieved what I want, and surround myself with a peer group who want the same thing, so we can relate to one another and cheer each other on. Entrepreneurs, especially women, need a safe container to share their deepest desires and fears without being judged.

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” ~ African Proverb

I've got a simple process and it works. It not only works for me, but my amazing friends and clients in business too: Mentorship, Community Support, and Planning Retreats. This is what I've always leaned on to keep my businesses growing in profitability and sustainability. Without these three pieces, I'd be lost in a hamster wheel of overwhelm.

1) Mentorship: You're not looking for a blue print. You're looking to stand out from the crowd and shake things up in your industry, so a cookie cutter plan is not going to work –– you need customized feedback to grow your business. You want to stay aligned with your values and build your business around what really matters to you, and this takes a special person to see the whole women behind the business –– this is part of my magic. I can see you and hold you to your biggest dreams and visions. I'm not driven by money, but I'm inspired by what it can do for you in your business and your life and the contributions you want to make in the world. Good people with good money do good things.

2) Community Support: You've been doing business alone, and you can't and don't want to do it alone anymore. You want deeper connection in a community of women. You're ready to be vulnerable and transparent about what it takes to run your own business. You want a CEO sisterhood of change-makers. You're tired of always being the one with all of the answers. You want to be supported and receive as much as you give. You want to be in a room full of authentic women who get you and also know a little more than you do when it comes to growing and running a business. You're a helper and a lifelong learner. You need both. Give and receive. Reciprocity feels good –– leaving every one full of ideas, inspiration and expansion.

3) Planning Retreats: There is so much value in getting away to think, dream, strategize and plan. In order to make smart, strategic decisions in your business, you need to take a step back from your business. It's important to immerse yourself in an inspiring environment, so you can create a strong vision –– the foundation for everything you do in your business and life. You're a do'er and when your vision is clear, you make things happen quickly. The planning is the hardest part for so many entrepreneurs because we get stuck in the day to day tasks. We don't stop to see what are the most important projects to focus on (and decide which ones we need to gracefully say no to). We forget to pause and reflect. Even Bill Gates dedicates a few days out of each year as “Think Weeks.” We need to hit the pause button in our lives for quiet reflection –– to decide what's working and what's no longer serving us in our businesses. Putting this time on your calendar is the only way it will happen.

“To discern what is truly essential we need space to think, time to look and listen, permission to play, wisdom to sleep, and the discipline to apply highly selective criteria to the choices we make.” ~ Greg McKeown

That’s why I’m inviting just 10 world-changing women to join me in 2017. For 9 months, I will be facilitating a group of committed visionary leaders where we will challenge each other to set inspiring goals and encourage one another to accomplish them.

The Mentorship Lab™ is your confidential think tank, so you stay focused and don’t lose your sense of direction. It’s a group of high achieving entrepreneurial women who love to dive into deep conversations about business and strategy. This is an invitation-only experience –– every women I invite into this intimate mastermind program leads with their heart and has the smarts to build world-changing empires. You're in it for the long game. You're not dipping your toe in to see if this entrepreneurial journey is for you. This is work you can't NOT do.

Spend nine months with a group of visionary leaders to unleash your own inner mentor in a safe container for your biggest dreams. Trust your own wisdom, your own intuition, your own heart. When you work with me as your business coach, you get to borrow my brain for marketing and community building strategies, simplify your marketing plans, and build a team that fully supports you and your vision.

You'll also get behind the scenes on how I launch online products with a team, build intentional relationships with industry thought leaders and authors, get invited to keynote speak on international stages, book interviews on top podcasts, learn how I became a traditionally published author (we have a best selling book on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Target), as well as learn how I've built tribes reaching millions as an introvert who hugs!

With my business experience and tribe building expertise, we'll cut through the noise and get right to the activities and strategies that are most important to your community and business growth. During our time together you'll get unstuck from over-analyzing decisions, feel less overwhelmed, and untangle any negative stories happening in your head that are holding you back. This process is collaborative and in our time together you will feel lighter, have more confidence, more clarity and more connection to the people you serve and the business you're building. You'll not only walk away with a 12-month business plan + 3-year vision to fuel your day to day activities, you'll feel more connected to your tribe, more in love with your business, more present with your loved ones, and more grounded in your body.


What do you want to go big on?

How can you leverage your time to focus on what really matters to you? You want to feel more connected to yourself and your body. You want to be more present, more often for your family. You desire financial freedom – not allowing that sporadic paycheck to loom over your head. You want to be passionate about your business and for it to run smoothly. If you've got a business that transforms people's lives and you're ready to scale it with heart, strategy and soulful alignment, you're in the right place.


The Mentorship Lab™ is perfect for you if…



You're ready to grow your community in an authentic way (because you really care about the people you serve), believe in yourself to keep achieving big things in the world, and are ready for a year of expansion!


You're committed to building a business that does not compromise your health or your relationships.


You have paying clients/customers who believe in your work and invest in your products and services and your business generates at least six figures in revenue annually.


You have a strong desire to be fully expressed and build a world-changing business that uses your unique gifts and passions with support from a mentor who has built and grown businesses (brick & mortar + online).


You're craving high level conversations to bring out your greatest work and take your business to the next level with a carefully curated group of entrepreneurs up to big things in the world.


You're dedicated to saying your dreams out loud, succeeding with integrity, and expanding the vision for your life. And you're ready to invest in yourself and your business.


You get inspired by mastermind “hot seats” and love brainstorming with a group of savvy business women to get more clarity on your next program, product, or big idea. #CEOsisterhood – yes, please!


You get value bouncing ideas with a coach over big picture strategy (& you have at least 1 part-time team member for day-to-day business support to help you execute). You want to work on your business, not in it.


You lead from your heart, not your bank account. Money is important, but it’s not the core focus. #LoveOverMetrics


If you have broken through many mindset barriers, believe in yourself to keep achieving big things in the world, and are ready to do this, I’d love to be your mentor, coach, friend and sister as you grow your business in 2017.

Heads up! The Mentorship Lab™ is not a great fit if you're just getting started in business (don't have a website, still figuring out who you're excited to serve, not generating revenue, etc.). Although, this experience is not for you at this time, please keep dreaming, brainstorming, and learning because I'm cooking up some exciting projects behind the scenes to help you move your dreams forward. Stay tuned! 


The Details: Mentorship Lab™

MentorshipSquare-02-01I know you're ready to expand your business and stop playing small. If you're looking to bring your business to the next level and stop doing this work all by yourself, I want to invite you to join a small group of dedicated, world-changing women for a 9-month immersion to create serious momentum in your business and life. You'll be surrounded by other creative entrepreneurs, CEO's and social change advocates. You'll not only have me to consult with about big decisions and strategy, you'll also have a cozy tribe of women to celebrate and be vulnerable with, so you can share more of the icky parts in your business.

My promise is to make sure you’re on the right track with a clear plan to focus on the most intentional strategies for growth in your business. You get to save time and skip mistakes that can be easily avoided when you have me by your side (someone who has actually built three businesses – including one brick & mortar). We will grow your business around your gifts, strengths and wisdom, so you can show up more as yourself and lead from love. No more hiding.

What's included:

  • (1) Deep Dive Business Initiation Questionnaire + Private strategy session call (up to 2 hours) with Jadah to dig deep into your business and desires. Together we'll create an action plan with milestones, so you’re clear on next steps. This initiation call will get your business, heart and head ready for 2017. 

  • Plus, (8) private 60-minute 1-on-1 strategy session calls with Jadah to maintain momentum in your business throughout the year.

  • (1) 2 hour private virtual hangout to meet the small group of co-visionaries and dreamers before our first retreat –– you'll set intentions for your 9-month experience (and beyond!)

  • (2) 2 1/2 day business immersion retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area (March 2017) and the second retreat location to be announced (September 2017). In these retreats you will dream and plan without interruptions. You'll do big picture work with your CEO sisterhood and walk away with a map of your next 12 months, most important projects and 3 year vision (laptops + green smoothies + cozy circle of sisters).

  • (8) Mastermind & group coaching support calls (up to 2 hours) once a month with me and an intimate group where you’ll get a dedicated check-in to celebrate and work on challenges coming up in your business –– you'll have business BFF's that love to talk about evergreen funnels, tribe building with love, and monetization strategies over mimosas (or Kombucha!)

  • Accountability partners will be assigned (in groups of 2-3 to meet on your own) to support each other in-between calls –– this is your dream-tribe of entrepreneurs who totally get that you work in your pajamas and that's not crazy. These women will have your back for this 9-month experience (and for life!)

  • A private online group to celebrate wins, ask for feedback on things like sales pages, share resources, books, ideas, referrals, and more sweet surprises.

  • Access to my personal network. I open you up to my personal relationships that I've built overtime with leaders and influencers and help make connections + personal e-mail intros happen for you when you need them.

  • Access to me. One thing I feel confident about is how present and available I am to my private clients. I hold emotional + energetic space for businesses and big visions really well. You will not feel alone or like you can't get access to me. You'll have my private email and cel phone. I'm the type of coach who is by your side during huge celebrations and freakout moments. I'll hop on quick calls when you need them.

With this business container, mentorship and mastermind, you will get direct access to my wealth of knowledge and business experience. I'm able to synthesize and give you only the information that you need in the present moment. You get to save time and skip the over consumption of information and content and go straight into action.

Click APPLY HERE to get started.

My Story

For the past few years, I've been building the life of my dreams doing what I love (the revenue from my business allowed my husband to quit his full-time job to pursue his passion of music and theater); we have a beautiful daughter, and I have the coolest job– I get people to fall in love with kale and spinach. What started as my own “healthy obsession” has transformed into a world-changing business that has helped over 1 million people. And now I'm a published author –– check out our best selling book here!

In 2012, Jen Hansard and I built our business from scratch as the founders of Simple Green Smoothies, which has grown to over 415k Instagram followers, 320k Facebook fans, over 30 million website page views, and 355,000+ email subscribers.

I choose love over metrics in every business I build. I started my first business in 2009, and I've been able to build profitable businesses without obsessing over stats and conversion rates. But just like you, I've started businesses with zero followers, zero subscribers and zero income. I've built amazing online and in person communities with no paid advertising, no affiliate cross promotions, and no guest posting.


We all have to start at zero.

There were some days I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going, and how or when I would get there. But I always say to focus on the why and the what– and don't worry about the how or when. I took imperfect action to build my dream business. And my path has changed many times. Fail your way forward.


I believe in honoring your path.

In 2011, my husband and I were living in my in-laws house with no health insurance, no college degrees to fall back on, and $42,000 in debt. All odds were stacked against us. My husband worked crazy hours with a schedule that was always changing, including nights and weekends. This was so hard for him because he’s such a family guy. I was working 2 part-time jobs (as a yoga studio receptionist and virtual assistant) while juggling taking care of our daughter and just trying to squeeze in this dream business on the side. We knew something had to change. We were tired of insufficient funds in our bank account and living paycheck to paycheck.


I believe in staying insanely curious.

What I wanted for my life seemed impossible, and even though it was hard to imagine a brighter future, I dreamed anyway. I surrounded myself with a tribe of world-changers who supported me and really got what I was up to in the world. I reached out and enrolled in workshops, courses, masterminds and retreats to learn from mentors I was inspired by (you can check them out here). I asked questions, took notes, listened to podcasts, followed blogs, read books, and kept learning about how to build a business that was aligned with the work I was meant to do in the world. Never stop learning.


I believe in saying your dreams out loud.

I keep allowing my dreams and vision for my life to expand so I can serve the world in a deeper way. My husband and I are now debt-free, we get to take care of our bodies, spend time with people who light us up, pursue our passions and volunteer in our daughter's classroom … together. We travel the world together –– this year we've visited the Philippines and Japan. Last summer we explored Australia and Fiji while I did the opening keynote for ProBlogger (I believe in work-life-family integration), and the summer before we traveled to Europe for an entire month.

I was also a keynote speaker in front of 3,000 world-changers at World Domination Summit (check out the video here); and I got to slow down on the day-to-day tasks in my business and just be present with my family. I've also been a speaker at Social Media Marketing World, Jonathan Fields' RevU LIVE & Camp GLP, BlogHer PRO, BlogHer Food, creativeLIVE, Off the Charts Live with Nathalie Lussier, a community-building faculty expert for the Good Life Project Immersion, Archangel Summit, ProBlogger, Creative Live and the passionate leader of a mastermind for entrepreneurs at Bloom Retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can see some of my favorite podcast interviews here and check out our feature in the Wall Street Journal. Seriously, all of this is a dream come true. And it was only few years ago that I dreamed up all of this. I'm excited to share my personal process of making my dreams a reality on our retreats. Are you ready to dream with me?


I am standing here today because…

I am proof that your dreams take time. I want to give you an opportunity to stand up for your dreams because they matter. Together we can dream a better world and take imperfect action toward that vision every single day. So here’s your chance right now to fully embody that. If you feel called… I'm excited to invite you and a small group of world-changing dreamers to co-create, collaborate and move your business forward in my Mentorship Lab™. I'm curating a very special group, so this is by application only. Followed by a phone call with me to make sure this experience is right for you. Click here to apply.


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 Mentorship Lab Cover


Lindsey Johnson |

Jadah has given me the boost of confidence I needed to start living my dreams and begin treating myself and what I do with more respect. She made me see how possible it is for me to do what I love and be successful at it. That small paradigm shift has literally changed everything. My business is growing and my creative juices are flowing. She provides strong, clear direction that is empowering. I feel like I have finally turned the corner – Jadah's advice and help were the missing piece.

Shauna Bryant |

Jadah gave me the push I needed to “just start” my project. I've turned a few random ideas about my passion for cooking and healthy eating into 5k followers on Instagram/Facebook and written 2 ebooks. I love the clarity I get from each session I have with Jadah. I know I'm not the only person who gets “stuck” in their head with ideas, what-ifs, confidence issues, but when I meet with Jadah, I feel like, “yea, I got this!” Her philosophy of small steps each day really hit the spot for me.

Tamika Lewis |

Working with Jadah gave me the confidence and direction I needed to grow my ideas into a viable, life-changing business. Before working with Jadah, I felt like I had great ideas, but no clear roadmap. It was so empowering to have someone by your side who helps you move from excuses to action. There's no way I would have accomplished my goals without her. Jadah brings the visionary out of everyone. She helped me discover my hidden strengths and encouraged me every step of the way.

Melanie Kluger |

I have a tendency to have lots of ideas but don’t always see a finish line. After a session with Jadah I leave with inspiration and clarity. Having Jadah “in my corner” has given me the strength to take risks that I already see paying off. I couldn’t be more grateful to have Jadah and her tribe as a support system to guide me through my business journey. Not only is her business knowledge invaluable, but also her thirst to grow and adapt is infectious. Jadah is one of those unique women who can tell you how it is and at the same time make you feel like you're getting a warm hug.

Amy Groome |

Jadah gave me the courage to find my own voice online and is one of the reasons project wingmom has actually taken flight. In addition to having one hell of a compelling story, she is the real deal when it comes to building an online community with authenticity. Jadah takes the fear out of social media and is a compassionate and patient teacher with fresh perspective and great taste. Best of all, her ulterior motive is undeniably helping you make the ideas in your head come to life.

Lindsay Pera |

No amount of tools, methodologies, or processes can take the place of good old heart, hustle, and real world implementation experience. Jadah has all this and more in her tool kit. She knows what it takes to take a vision to fruition – and she's not keeping any secrets. She's a business powerhouse, a mom, and a wellness warrior to boot. Open yourself to what you believe is possible – no doubt Jadah already sees it in you – and has just the creative spark to guide you there.

Haley Harvey |

Jadah is an awesome mentor for moms in business. She continually shares her story and business process openly which is comforting and inspiring at the same time. Jadah has endless patience for the frustrating business process and is an excellent problem solver.

Hanna Dorafsha |

Without the Mamapreneur Mastermind group led by Jadah, I would still be daydreaming about how I could escape my full time job, lacking direction or insight into what steps I need to take to free myself. Now, I have a solid idea and a passion I'm excited to develop a business around. I gained clarity, direction, and focus. If each day that goes by is a day you haven't spent living in full alignment with your dreams, Jadah is perfect for you!

Danielle Fuligni McKay |

Since working with Jadah, I’ve been inspired to be more focused and clear in my business. Specifically, I’m trying to lay the foundation/do the groundwork to build my community before anything else. In addition, Jadah’s spot-on questions help me to keep looking inward for the enlightened answers rather than turn to others' work or search the web, which has been great! She helps women and moms focus their passion, purpose and message to the world and then turn it into a creative business idea and reality. Her intuition, transparency, focus and total intelligence, shines through with everything she says and does.


I look forward to getting to know you, your business and your dreams! Click here to apply!