You’re a female entrepreneur with big plans and an even bigger vision for your business.

A community builder at heart, you know you're on a fast track to growth, and while you’ve already done a ton on your own to manage the marketing, the sales processes, and the “loving up” of your growing community (you thrive on tribe), you’re ready to step into the next level of leadership in your business, and:

Create a plan to double your revenue (in a way that feels energizing, not exhausting)

Get clear on your messaging and connect with your audience to turn more conversations into consistent, profitable cash flow

Leverage your time as you grow your business without compromising your health or relationships

You know there are so many ways you COULD grow your business, but aggressive marketing tactics aren’t your thing and you can’t seem to find the approach that both feels in alignment with your values and allows you to reach more people.

You want every aspect of your business to feel meaningful and fun –– for you and for them.

That’s exactly what we’ll cover in the Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle.

Imagine jamming with 25 brilliant business women for a ½ day in person workshop.

What would it feel like to…

feel supported in building a sustainable business,

reach more people,

double your revenue,

make a bigger impact in the world.

Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle is unlike any other business building experience.

You’ll meet in person for an implementation day for you and your business to get support and personal feedback on your most pressing business challenges.

In this workshop you will create a plan to connect, serve, and sell to your community confidently, so that it all feels like an act of service.

Together, we will..

break through any challenges around growing your audience

hone your sales & marketing message

And automate repeatable systems in your business, so you can be in your zone of genius –– connecting and serving your people.

It’s time to take your business to the next level in a focused + fun way, so you have more time to serve your tribe, take care of yourself, and play with the people you love.

You’ll walk away from the workshop feeling supported by a mentor (that’s me, Jadah!) and a community of smart women who can give you personal feedback, strategy, and insight on your business.

Get ready to…

Create consistency and confidence in your business, so you can focus on the right growth projects with less time and less overwhelm (hello dance parties in the kitchen!)

Connect with other local entrepreneurs, in a like-minded community of women with big ambitions (and even bigger hearts) who are on the same path as you.

Ask your burning questions from a mentor who has real world business experience (brick & mortar, B2B, published author, and online products and services) to help guide you, save you time, and help you identify the opportunities and the right next steps to take to grow your business.

Love Over Metrics Women’s Business Circle is an intimate, in-person event for women who are running their own business full-time or part-time for at least 1 year, have a website promoting their own product, service, or brand, and a basic knowledge of online marketing.

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